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Theoretical Reflections 3: Hypothetical Models Of Mate Search. Sampling and Choice Rules.

Sexual selection depends on differential patterns of mate preference and choice. Little attention has been paid, however, to the manner in which individuals acquire information about the quality of potential mates and how this information is used to form mating … Continue reading

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Theoretical Reflections II: Preference Functions, Acceptance Thresholds in Mate Choice: Mate Discrimination.

Basic mating models adapted from zoological theory predict that decisions in mate choice may be determined either by ‘best‐of‐n’ preference functions or by sequential rules incorporating acceptance thresholds. However, in humans, it seems that more complex determinations that incorporate versions … Continue reading

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Theoretical Reflections: Influence Of Phenotypic Experience On Plasticity In Preference Functions And Choice Thresholds.

An individual’s prior experience of sexual signals can result in variation in mate preferences?. It has important consequences for the course of sexual selection. One possibility is that the plasticity, if it occurs, would take place over the mate preference … Continue reading

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Tinder Experiment. Inferring Population Preference Functions Using A Simple Binary Task Choice on A Dating App.

a) Experimental protocol The operation of this application has two drawbacks. First, a fraction of the users. First, tinder free feature don’t let scroll through the whole list of people who have liked a profile. Only members who have purchased … Continue reading

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Proposed Academic Paper: Evaluation Of The Utility Of Cosmetic Surgery In Ist Effect On Facial Beauty/attractiveness Inferred Through Mating Success/outcomes.

Importance: Primary reasons why patients pursue aesthetic facial surgery are to increase their physical attractiveness; however, there is minimal literature about the effect of aesthetic facial surgery on attractiveness assessment. The procedure is usually the following: full-face/profile photographs, are taken … Continue reading

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“Mate Function Preferences”. Draft For Review.

1. INTRODUCTION Over the last decade there has been a great deal of interest in variation of mate preferences for sexual attractiveness. Such variation is important as it has consequences for the rate and direction of sexual selection (Turner & … Continue reading

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How to measure human mate preferences: Introduction.

Darwin was the first to propose that female mating preferences can result in selection on male morphology and behaviour. Since then, particularly over the last two decades, many studies have confirmed that individuals prefer some opposite-sex trait variants over others … Continue reading

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